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23 December 2006 @ 08:03 pm
Last two for weetabix lady  
My muse died last week. I;m sorry. Anyways here are your last two drabbles!

TITLE: A Family Christmas
FOR: Weetabix Lady
SHIP: Charlie/Lavender
WARNINGS: fluff and established relationship

Lavender Weasley stared out the window at the snow falling as her red headed children played in it. In Romania there was always a high chance that there would be a White Christmas and on this Christmas Eve she knew it was going to happen.

She just wished Charlie was home. She understood his love of Dragons, but some times were just meant for family. Christmas was one of them. She knew he was the best Dragon tamer among the group, but it seemed every Christmas since they go married there was a new found diffuclut dragon to tame and he had to stay away. Lavender no longer cared for a White Christmas. She just wanted a Family Christmas.

She looked out the window and saw her children running towards something. Could it be? Her face lit up in a smile as Charlie picked up his baby girl and ushered the other 3 into the house. It would be a Family Christmas after all.

TITLE: The Present
FOR: Weetabix Lady
SHIP: Charlie /Hermione

Hermione sat among her presents in the head girls room. It was her seventh year and she had one presents left. Looking at the name she was baffled. Why would Charlie Weasley send her a present? Opening it up she smiled at the book about dragons he had gotten her. She figured he came across it and thought she would like it because she liked to read.

Suddenly there was a bang and the paper that Fred and George had used to wrap up the assortment of jokes they sent went up in fire works. The noise startled Hermione and she dropped the book. Once she calmed down she noticed the necklace that fell out of it. It looked very expensive. Then she saw the note that said they needed to talk as soon as they could. Hermione owled him the next Hogsmeade date and wondered what this was all about.

She wouldn’t be foolish. There was no way a normal intelligent older guy could love her- A Weasley or not. But she wasn’t against this possibility. She would just have to wait and see what the future brings.
(Anonymous) on December 24th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
*flails exciteldy* Thanks so much! The first one, especially, is absolutely adorable.

Thank you again!