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04 January 2007 @ 03:53 pm
Alright. So I am uber late yet again. But I have a long-ish fic for you!

This is a Remus/Sirius. Not to naughty.. But you know, the end is kind of like 'Don't you get what they are doing!?!?!' Yeah!

There were times when Remus was slightly jealous of James, one of his best mates. James and Sirius were always joined at the hip, getting into mischief, chasing girls or even just falling asleep on the fluffy couches of the Gryffindor common room. Remus wasn’t quite sure when he realized it, but James and Sirius were doers, they did stuff.


It was an incredibly scorching hot day near the end of their sixth year when Remus decided to do something. Something that involved his first bottle of stolen whiskey, and Sirius while he was in the bathtub.


Remus was the one who had given the rest of the Marauders the password to the Prefects bathroom, and had told which times to go, so they could avoid running into the Head Prefects. After a couple swigs of liquid fire, Remus had summoned enough courage to stumble past the discarded clothing and announce his presence to Sirius.


“I stole booooooooooze! Paddy, boooooooze,” Remus yelled once he could see the back of Sirius’ head amidst the bubbles. Remus lifted the bottle up into the air and took another swig.


“Good job, Moony. I didn’t think you had it in you,” Sirius said turning around quickly. “Tell me, how did you do it, and why?” Sirius amused voice was laced with a bit of concern.


“Well… I stole it from you. But! I. I,” there was a small pause just before the entire contents of Remus’ stomach was spilled all over the tile floor. Sirius was quick as he jumped out of the tub, and wrapped a towel around his front to see if he is friend was all right.


“Holy Christ, Remus. Are you okay?” Sirius asked kneeling down by his friend and rubbing his back.


“I was trying to do.”


“You were trying to do? Come on Moony, let’s get you back.”


“No!” Remus pulled back and looked at Sirius (who was quite blurry) and grabbed onto his shoulders. “Why is it that you and James always do?” Sirius wasn’t becoming any clearer in Remus eyes, but the fact that he was acting like an idiot suddenly became clear.


Remus was quick as he collected himself off the floor and spelled the sick away. He bid a fast goodbye to his friend and ran out of the washroom and all the way up to his bed.


*  *  *


It was almost two in the morning and Remus could not sleep. His head was aching and his arms and legs felt like jelly. For the first time he was grateful that James was off doing something with Lily; that Peter was off stalking another Ravenclaw; and that Sirius was anywhere but the dorm.


It was quite unfortunate that Remus thought a bit too soon, because the curtains around his bed were slowly pulled back, and he was easily pushed onto the other side of his bed when another body slid in beside him. Remus used his instincts, and pretended to play dead. Or asleep. Either worked for him.


“Come on Moony, I know you are not asleep. You can never sleep after you have had anything drink. Odd, really,” Sirius said, pulling on his friend’s shoulder and making him lay on his back. Remus stiffly rolled over, but kept his eyes fixed on the ceiling. “I don’t know why you always play dead as a human, but as a wolf you try and gouge my eyes out.”


“Oh, shut up,” Remus said, with a raspy voice and held back smile.


“I knew I would get you to talk. Now, I can easily forgive you for stealing my fire whiskey, but you do have to tell me why. Otherwise I will be forced to use drastic measures.”


“Like what? My pain threshold is much better than yours,” Remus said, raising his chin.


“Ah… But your embarrassment threshold, Moony. I am going to,” Sirius paused, and then lifted himself so he was on his knees, and straddling Remus.


“Get off of me! What the hell!”


“See, this is just the first step. If you don’t tell me now, I will be forced to start kissing you.”


A red-hot blush went right through Remus and he could almost swear he was the colour of a beetroot. He squirmed like crazy and tried to push Sirius off of him, but Sirius had a larger build, and would never be thrown off of anyone, not even James could do it.


“Is this what you do to James?”


“I have never resorted to kissing him. He usually starts spilling the second I pin him.”


“Please, Padfoot. Get off,” Remus pleaded. Sirius was silent for a moment, and after that moment the smile he wore was wiped from his face.


“Oh,” Sirius said, but didn’t move. He moved his hands and pushed Remus back on to the mattress. “I get it now. And thank Merlin, too.”


Remus gulped, and before he could take another breath, Sirius’ mouth was pressed up against his.


“That is why,” Remus mumbled when Sirius pulled away.


“I know,” Sirius said, and kissed him again and again, until the sun came up and the other boys were back in the dorm.





I just want to thank you for being patient with your secret santa and I hope you liked the fics! Yay! Happy Holidays!

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a_real_phony on January 5th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love it. *dies of adorable-poisoning*

You are so wonderful! I don't care that they were late or anything, because your drabbles were delightful, and I'd always forget they were coming, so each one was a new surprise! You are awesome and hilarious -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! *smooch!*