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tis the season to drabble

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tis the season to drabble

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Oh no, not another Christmas exchange! Well, this one's a bit different, I think, in that it's more like one of those exchanges that happen in the school or the office, with themes per week for the weeks leading up to Christmas and the presents are mostly little trinkets and stuff.

For HP Kris Kringle, we'll keep it to trinket-like equivalents. Participants can exchange drabbles and drawbles anonymously, and they aren't limited to just fic or art. This way, the presents will be easier to do and there will be more of them.

Besides, a little more holiday spirit never hurts, does it? :D


So how does HP Kris Kringle work? Basically, people sign up with a pseudonym, along with ships and things they like reading about. Enough people sign up, and everyone is assigned as "Santa" to one person. As the person's Santa they must write a drabble or draw something for that person weekly in accordance with the person's preferences ship-wise, and post it to the community.

There will be a theme for the first three weeks, which will be decided upon by means of a poll once the community is set up. In the meantime, people are free to give their suggestions. All the themes will be released as soon as people have been given their assignments so that they can begin working on week 3 even if they're only in the middle of week 1 if they want to.

To ensure that anonymity is kept, participants will choose a pseudonym for themselves and will be given the pseudonym of whoever they're writing/drawing for. Posting access to the community is given only to two journals, the mod's and one anon journal whose password everyone in the community will know. Participants will use this anon journal to post their weekly present. (I'll be relying on the trust system on this one and hope no troll comes in ruining the fun by spamming or doing some such damage--it's the holidays, nobody needs to be a Grinch about it. In case something untoward happens, I will immediately restrict posting access from the anon journal.)

This will happen for four weeks until Christmas, when anonymous Santas are revealed and everyone is high with holiday cheer from the little presents they've been receiving. It follows the basic point of the Kris Kringle, in that the presents don't cost so much but are still loads of fun to receive anyway.

Christmas Exchanges:
3_ships is for threesomes, and they have links to other Christmas exchanges you might enjoy on their userinfo too. :)

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